Chrome Plating

Since 1989 CED has been involved with the restoration of Vintage, Classic and Custom bright work and have a global reputation for quality among professional restorers.

Services offered include a complete reclamation of the parts from de-chroming, repairing damaged or corroded material, re-polishing and electro plating.

Finishes include - Bright Chrome, Dull Chrome, Satin Chrome and Hard Chrome. Bright Nickel, Dull Nickel and Satin Nickel. Bright Zinc & pass, Colour zinc & pass, and Black Zinc and pass. Copper plating and Brass plating. Precious metal plating Gold and Silver.

CED undertake many components that other companies do not touch. Including Petrol Tanks, Exhaust Systems, Die Cast Materials such as Mazak door handles, light units, Bonnet Motifs and much more. 

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Chrome Plating Images