Detection Of Illegal Immigrants / Asylum Seekers In HGVs

Recently, problem with migrants that are trying to enter the UK illegally through HGV s.

The first form of defence is CO2 meters which work well on curtain sided lorries. However, hard back lorries are more difficult to check and X ray is expensive and time consuming. 

Tyler Security identified the problem and approached us to design a system that will allow them to take an air sample from the inside of the vehicle for sampling by their trained search dogs outside the vehicle.

We developed a lightweight battery powered scent box and probe that can be inserted into the rear of the vehicle. The search Dog can then detect clandestines inside the vehicle.

The prototypes proved without reasonable doubt that the system works and is currently under clinical trial and patents have been applied for.

For more information about this system please see our new website

Detection Of Illegal Immigrants / Asylum Seekers In HGVs Images