Dog Training Carousel & Linear Stand

Through our work on the R.E.S.T. program we were approached by the Animal Defence Centre  ( DAC ) in 2008 to design a carousel and linear stand to help train dogs to detect IEDs ( Improvise Explosive Devices ) in Afghanistan.

The prototypes proved successful and in 2011, we were awarded a contract, beating a much larger Aerospace Engineering Company, in the process to supply the whole British Army. This equipment bears a NATO number and has been approved by the DSTL, with a protocol developed to ensure standardisation of Dogs Trained  on this equipment. It is used by the RAF and most recently been adopted by the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and British Transport Police.

The Carousel contains 12 arms or more, on the end of each arm is a sample pot containing different substances. The dog is trained to walk around the Carousel and smell each sample pot. When the Dog identifies the target smell, he is trained to find, he is rewarded. These training devices help tackle terrorism and the growing  narcotics trade by fast tracking the Dogs through there training program, saving time, money and manpower. Please visit our new wedsite

Dog Training Carousel & Linear Stand Images