Rest - RASCO - Canine Vapour Systems

Central Engineering Design Ltd has been involved with the design and development of R.E.S.T. equipment since 2006 and we are the only approved supplier of this equipment in the UK. Working with the DSTL we developed the first electric sampling pump and quick release filter holder.

We have innovated many new products to aid canine training and handling. Our latest innovation is a 12v DC sampling pump which can be put into a back pack or mobile chassis together with a scent mixing unit which can contaminate the filter with any given background smell.

Samples can be taken remotely where its not practical to take the Dog and analysed in a controlled environment away from the source. With our equipment Dogs can be trained to detect any scent with any given background.

There is great potential for using this equipment outside the REST program for the detection of narcotics, people trafficking and even bed bugs,

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