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Luxury Goods

Turning the tide on imported goods we are proud to have designed and produced one of the first double bladed cigar cutters, and stamped the words “Made In England” on the product.

Over the years we have designed and produced many different products including cigar cutters, cigarette holders, cigarette cases, cigar rests, pipe knifes, tampers, reamers and pipe gadgets.

We have worked to extremely high quality levels in a variety of exotic materials including precious metals, mammoth ivory and exotic leathers.

Whatever your needs we can work it to the highest quality standards and produce a precision engineered product one would expect from a jeweler.

This range of products shows the versatility of our company through the quality standards we are capable of working to.

Whatever your needs please give us a call

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You are more than welcome to visit our workshop in Folkestone or give us a call on 01303 257 187 for more information on how we can help or a free quote.

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